Benefits of DIAPRO?
  • Stabilizes blood sugar level: DiaPro being a low Glycemic drink, it takes longer time to break down which will not increase the blood sugar level and stabilize the same.
  • Improves brain function: Omega 3 fatty acid helps to prevent sleep disturbances, memory loss and depression.disorders and risks of illness.
  • Decreases cardiovascular diseases: DiaPro helps to decrease the bad cholesterol (LDL) production and increases the good cholesterol (HDL) production. It helps to prevent the plaque (accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels) which reduces blood clot formation, heart attack and stroke.
  • Decreases inflammation: DiaPro consists of lignans that has antioxidant property. It helps to decrease inflammation.
  • Improves the functions of digestive system: DiaPro contains fibers such as soluble, insoluble and mucilage fiber. The soluble and insoluble fiber gently removes toxins and other waste products from the body and prevents constipation. The mucilage fiber has healing and soothing properties that decreases bowel irritation. Lignans heals the digestive system. It also helps to feel satiated.
  • Helps to prevent cancer: Phytochemical property of lignans act like human estrogen that has anticancer property which prevents cancer.
  • Helps to boost immune system: It contains antioxidants such as Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin c, Omega 3 fatty acid. It helps to improve the production of white blood cells.
  • Relieves from hot flashes and night sweats.
  • Helps to decrease and heal Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, and Dry Skin.