Frequently Asked Questions (DIABETICS)
1. How can we manage diabetes?

Diabetes is managed mainly through medications (either oral or injectable), proper diet that provide sufficient nutrients which is needed for health improvement and physical exercise. Through these three parameters we can manage diabetes.

2. What is the effect of severe diabetes?

Severe diabetes leads to affect different parts of the body such as kidney, eyes and brain. Along with this psychological problems also exist such as depression, abnormal mental activity, impaired judgment, moodiness, crying.

3. Reason for increased hunger (polyphagia)?

Reason for increased hunger (polyphagia) is the intracellular starvation. As in diabetes either there is absence or the resistance to insulin action; so glucose cannot move into the cells and thus cells are starved of glucose. And other reason, Glucose is lost in urine and tissues are starved for glucose. Thus results in increased hunger.

4. Reason for increased urination (polyuria)?

When the blood glucose level is increased, glucose will be excreted through urine. Glucose increases the osmolality of the glomerular filtrate and thus prevents the re-absorption of water as the filtrate passes through the renal tubules. In this way the volume of urine is markedly increased in diabetes and increased urination occurs. 

5. Reason for increased thirst (polydypsia)?

Due to increased urination, there is a loss of fluids and electrolytes. This in turn leads to increased thirst. 

6. Normally wounds will not easily heal for diabetic people. Why?

Diabetic people have increased free radical production that leads to poor immune system. Due to poor immune system the body is ready to accept the foreign particles from extrinsic factor, and the blood vessel is being damaged and the tissue is not getting adequate oxygen that results in impaired (or delayed) wound healing. If the blood sugar level is normal the wound healing process takes place faster comparing to the high blood sugar level.

7. Why diabetic people have disturbed sleep?

Difficulty in breathing, restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movements are the major causes of disturbed sleep. Restless legs syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to move one's body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations, and periodic limb movement is a sleep disorder where the patient moves limbs involuntarily during sleep and has symptoms or problems related to the movement. Hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia during the night and night sweats may contribute to disturbed sleep.

8. Can we prevent diabetes?

Diabetes cannot be prevented but it can be managed by following the medications, diet pattern and healthy life style.

9. Why they must not eat sweets?

Sweets are high in carbohydrate, sugar and fat that gives more calories. These calories will be converted into glucose; for diabetic people due to lack of insulin production, cells cannot uptake glucose that results in increased blood glucose level in the blood. Along with that sweets contain saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol that increase risk of heart disease. Limiting these foods will help to lose weight and keeps blood glucose and blood fats under control.

1. Can all people consume DiaPro?

DiaPro should be consumed only by diabetic people because it is specially designed for them based on their nutritional need and also provides sufficient nutrients to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

2. Is this acceptable by both men and women?

Yes it is acceptable for both men and women because it is designed based on both the genders’ nutritional requirements.

3. What is the age limit for using DiaPro?

DiaPro can be consumed from adolescent to old age people and not for pediatric age group.

4. Who must not consume DiaPro?

Pregnant and lactating mothers, gestational (during pregnant) diabetic people and pediatric age groups should not consume.

5. Is there condition to use DiaPro?

People with Type I and Type II Diabetes can very well use DiaPro.

6. Will blood sugar reduce if we consume DiaPro?

While consuming DiaPro blood sugar level will be maintained. If it is followed for 3 months period blood sugar level can be reduced and along with that it will help them to improve their health condition too.

7. If we consume DiaPro what will happen?

One serving of DiaPro provides one third of the nutritional requirement which is needed for diabetic people. It helps them to prevent muscle wastage which occurs due to lack of nutrition.

8. How long can we use DiaPro?

DiaPro can be consumed a as health drink in day to day life, but we should take a break for a period of 1 week after following 3 months period.

9. Will it give any side effect?

It doesn’t give any side effects.