What is DIAPRO?
DIAPRO is a dietary supplement that provides specialized nutritional needs of diabetic people like Vitamins, Minerals, Essential and Non Essential Amino Acids which improves their health.DiaPro contains Flax seeds, Soy Isolate, Skimmed milk powder, Maltodextrin, Fructose Oligosaccharide, Guargum, Co Enzyme Q10, Essential and Non essential Amino acids and Sucralose.
SERVING SIZE : 2SCOOPS (30gms approx)
Each 100 grams contains the following
Energy 376kcals
Protein  33g
CHO 49g
PUFA 1.1g
MUFA 4.3g
Trans fatty acid
Unsaturated fatty acid 4.2g
Saturated fatty acid 0.9g
Cholesterol Nil
Fiber 6g
Iron 10mg
Vitamin (retinol) 600mcg
Beta-carotene 2400mcg
Vitamin D 200 IU
Vitamin E 400 IU
Vitamin K 100 µg
Thiamine 1.4mg
Riboflavin 1.6mg
Niacin  18mg
Pyridoxine 2mg
Ascorbic acid 40mg
Folic acid 100mcg
Vitamin B12
Calcium 1200mg
Phosphorous 700mg
Magnesium 420mg
Sodium 300mg
Potassium 700mcg
Manganese 5mg
Zinc 11mg
Selenium 55mcg
copper 900mcg
Chromiun 100mcg
chloride 750mcg
Iodine  150mg
Molybdenum 45mcg
Isoleucine 1200mg
Leucine 2340mg
Lysine 1800mg
Methionine + Cystein 900mg
Phenylalanine +Tyrosine 1500mg
Threonine 900mg
Tryptophane  240mg
Valine 1560mg
Glutamine 1000mg
Arginine 2500mg
Histidine  840mg